Low Back Pain

"I started treatment with Erin almost a year ago, initially because of severe back pain. The pain was so bad I had to alternate standing and sitting every few minutes, and couldn’t sleep at night. Stretching just made it worse, and I couldn’t take any more pain killers, since they were destroying my stomach.

I decided to try acupuncture for the first time, and Blue Peacock was in my neighborhood so I made an appointment with Erin. I’m very glad I did. She has literally changed my life.

I experienced immediate relief from the pain in the first session, but something began to change in my state of mind as well.

As I kept seeing Erin, my mind became more relaxed and focused. After a few appointments, I was in front of a mirror one morning and I saw a look in my eyes that I hadn’t known was missing. Erin told me that I was seeing my own ‘shen’! It was really amazing! I became interested in learning more about qi, yin/yang, and energy flow.

My back pain is very controlled now, and I almost never take pain killers. I live a much more healthy lifestyle, and feel so much more balanced in all aspects of life. My mind is so much more clear and focused, and I have an increased intuition of what my body and mind need. I still see Erin on a weekly basis, and can’t imagine my life without her healing hands. With her help, I am continuing to transform into the fully aware, conscious person that I am, and my session with Erin is the best part of every week.

Does this sound too good to be true? I would have thought so a year ago myself. Just try one session, and you will be convinced as well. I always recommend Erin to anyone who is having any type of physical or mental pain. Before you go the usual, Western route of doctors, invasive surgeries, and more synthetic drugs, just give acupuncture a try. It may transform your entire perspective and being. Thank you, Erin. You are the best!"



“I am a firm believer in the benefits of Acupuncture. After years of chronic back pain; trying massage, physical therapy, chiropractic care, using prescription pain medication and muscle relaxants, I was finally able to get permanent relief from acupuncture. I noticed significant improvement after only one visit. Acupuncture has helped with the back pain, jaw pain due to stress and grinding, hand pain related to computer use, and a knee injury. I love Nancy Paine Sherman, she is an excellent listener, she listens with empathy and sincerity.”


Digestion and Stress

“I want to thank you again for the wonderful treatment you gave me last night–I definitely want to try that one again next time!!!

My back felt better, my intestines started moving again, my stress was gone–and I had the best night’s sleep I can remember having in a very long time. I woke up feeling completely refreshed and energized, I don’t know if I’ve ever had that experience before.

I’m so glad I decided to try acupuncture with you in the first place, and so grateful for your compassion and skills.”

- Karen

Chronic Pain

“I had reached a plateau on healing several chronic issues when I discovered NancySherman and acupuncture. Her thoughtful approach, understanding my particularissues, and her careful application of treatment were keys to unlocking positive changesin my body. She allayed any apprehensions by our first meeting, answered allquestions thoroughly, and I found myself so comfortable and trusting in her care, and so thrilled with the results, that I am now disappointed in the fact that I no longer require the same frequency of visits.” 



“Many of us have aches and pains, injuries, or chronic illnesses and have tried conventional medicine to treat them. While traditional avenues of treatment can provide favorable results, many times this means taking the latest pharmaceutical to do so.

Acupuncture is a much safer and less invasive way of achieving pain relief, with a sense of well-being as a valuable side benefit of treatment.

I first tried acupuncture about 6 years ago with mixed results. I did not give up though, feeling there were definite benefits to be had. I just had to find the right provider.

Erin Dietz was recommended by family members who had been treated by her. She has proven to be the right “fit” for me, helping to ease – and eventually banish – pains from arthritis and a knee injury, as well as relief from migraine headaches and neuropathy. She has also treated my husband for headaches and high blood pressure.

Erin is truly committed to the practice of acupuncture. Her enthusiasm for its benefits and her participation in classes and seminars on the latest advancements in the science of acupuncture only instill in her, as a practitioner – and me as a patient – more confidence in her ability to successfully restore good health.

In addition to its use as a tool for the body’s problem areas, acupuncture can also maintain and improve an already healthy body. While I am not as familiar with that side of acupuncture, I know that it exists and that I would not hesitate to seek treatment from Erin. If she can solve stubborn problems like arthritis pain and migraine headaches, I have no doubt she can produce results with relaxation and stress reduction techniques, as well as the many other wellness-related benefits from acupuncture treatments.

I have Erin to thank for banishing painful arthritis from my hands. I could not even carry a plate to the table without feeling pain. That was 2 years ago and the pain has not returned. It is amazing how, using her techniques, she can tell if my diet has been compromised – like eating too many sweets – or that I have am in the “squishy/damp” category and should avoid peanuts, dairy, or whatever I am abusing at the moment! Erin has even handwritten lists for me, like what foods are inflammatory and which are not. Like I said, she truly cares.In summary, I, without hesitation, can recommend Erin Dietz, an acupuncturist with knowledge, commitment and heart.”

- Chris

Back Pain

“In my work as an electrologist I sit all day leaning over people. It causes soreness and backache. Since it was the first treatment I’ve had, I was apprehensive and worried about the pain. She sensitively explained what was going to happen. She started slowly and kept making sure I was comfortable. I asked when she was going to start and she told me she already had three needles in. I then relaxed knew this was going to be a good thing!

I never felt the insertions but could sometimes feel a heat sensation. At one point I felt heat going from my back all the way to my toes. I asked Erin what that was and she said ‘WE FOUND CHI’. After the acupuncture treatment was over, she did cupping. That was just a special little bonus. It felt wonderful!

I asked Erin when I could expect to feel better. She said everyone is different and I could feel better immediately or it could be the next day. I went to sit in a chair and I stood up. I sat down again and stood up again. I couldn’t believe it but the pain was completely gone for the first time in weeks. I had to really test this out, so I sat on the floor in front of the TV and played cards for an hour with no pain. I could have never done that before. I strongly believe in acupuncture as a way of alleviating pain and highly recommend Erin’s ability.”

- Shannon


“I’d been suffering from extreme allergies (itchy eyes, neck, and throat, sneezing, and constant runny nose) for years. The environmental allergies were bad when I left the house, but far worse when I came home to my dog. Forget about a nice evening with me if you have a cat!

Non-drowsy allergy medications make me feel speedy, and all others make me groggy. It seemed an impossible ailment to fix. My quality of life was severely hurting and I needed help! Thank goodness for Erin!

I started out going to her every week for a month, and every week I noticed a difference. She takes insurance so that helped with the cost (although, even without insurance, it’s a small price to pay for feeling normal again). The big test was this week when I went on vacation and lived with a cat for a couple days. I couldn’t believe it! Not even one sneeze. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Erin. Not only are the treatments saving my life, but the time spent in your care is rejuvenating and relaxing.”

- Shea


“I’m a 28 year old female who started seeing Erin to treat my hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). For years, always feeling hot and experiencing extreme flashes of heat that sometimes lasted all day long, I felt like a woman twice my age going through menopause. I had seen every kind of doctor to figure out what was wrong: dermatologists, homeopthatic doctors, naturopathic doctors, had my thyroid and hormones tested to no avail. No answers.

Through working with Erin (along with an herbalist at Bastyr) I found my body was holding excessive damp heat causing me to feel hot and in turn, sweat excessively. Since I have been seeing Erin for acupuncture and taking herbs, my condition has greatly improved. I have great days where my sweating is minimal and I don’t feel hot all day. The white patches I had on the palms of my hands due to constant sweaty palms have reduced about 95%

I had been dealing with this frustrating condition for years with absolutely no help until now. I am convinced that Blue Peacock Acupuncture can help you improve any health concern you have and I am excited to continue working with Erin because it means I will keep improving.


Acupuncture has also extremely improved my complexion, kept me free of migraines for months and has helped me function without coffee!”

- Rachel

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