Blue Peacock Acupuncture is offering Virtual Office Visits at this time to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

What is a virtual office visit/Telehealth?

We give you all the wonderful service you're used to but it's in front of a screen. In lieu of acupuncture we will empower you with home care tools like acupressure, qi gong/breathing exercises, herbal and supplement recommendations, pain creams/CBD products, and dietary and lifestyle counseling to help you through these uncertain times. 

Some complaints that we are able to address through Telehealth include anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, digestion complaints, and pain management.

Telehealth is covered through most insurance companies at this unusual and difficult time. 

Herbs, Supplements, Pain Patches/Creams, and Ear Seeds can all be shipped to your home.

To purchase Ear Seeds which can be used for acupressure during your Telehealth session, please click here (refill packs are the most cost effective choice).

How you can prepare for your Telehealth appointment:

  •  How to Log in to your booked Telehealth session:

    • You will receive an email link at your appointment time or few minutes prior to your appointment. 

    • In the email, Click "join video call" to be automatically logged in to your patient portal.

    • You will be asked by your browser to allow access to their device webcam and microphone. Please allow access.

    • Your practitioner will join the call when they are ready. This may take a few moments.


  • Tips for a successful call:

    • For best performance, we suggest using Chrome and please ensure you have a good internet connection with speeds of at least 10Mbps.

    • Optimal Patient Environment for Telehealth:

      • A well lit space

      • Clear space with room to move around

      • Quiet and distraction free

      • Camera at an angle that your practitioner can see what we need to see