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Photo of practitioner, Erin Dietz


Licensed Acupuncturist

Erin was graduated from Bastyr University in 2007 with the degree of Master of Science in Acupuncture. While in school, Erin completed clinical rotations at Harborview Hospital in the Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia Clinic, the International Clinic, and in the HIV Clinic. She also completed internships at the Caroline Downs Family Medical Center, Highpoint Medical Clinic, and Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

Immediately upon graduating, Erin was invited to join the practice of Candace Burnikel at Dancing Turtle Acupuncture. Throughout her 4 years of working at this flourishing clinic, she treated a wide range of complaints including autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, migraines, digestive complaints, pain management, female health, and psycho-emotional disorders, to name a few. She is very grateful to have had 4 years of substantial clinic work directly after graduating which prepared her for giving high quality care for over 10 years in her own practice at Blue Peacock Acupuncture.​

Erin provides gentle and effective acupuncture treatments with a focus on pain management, headaches, digestion complaints, fatigue, and stress/anxiety issues. Erin is committed to ongoing continuing education in Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance her knowledge and remain up to date with new and emerging information. She prefers to focuses her studies on acupuncture neurology and is fascinated by the effects of acupuncture on the nervous system. The body's capacity to heal itself is truly phenomenal and with the use of acupuncture and Chinese medicine to stimulate the different healing mechanisms in the body, you will be on the way to feeling your very best!

A little more about Erin:

Outside of her love for East Asian Medicine, Erin has a passion for travel, especially to wildlife destinations with her sister. She has been charged by an elephant while on foot in South Africa, she's walked and canoed through the amazing wonders of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador, visited rescued Elephants in the Khao Sok National Park in Thailand and kayaked in the beautiful HaLong Bay, Vietnam.  Her most recent travels were to Uganda to visit the rare and wonderful wild mountain gorillas of Bwindi Impentatrable Forest!


Erin is an animal lover to her core. She has spent volunteer time at Pasado’s Safe Haven farm animal sanctuary, Heartwood Haven farm animal sanctuary, the Woodland Park Zoo, and has found homes for four foster dogs through Ginger's Death Row Dogs. Erin is currently volunteering as a guide for Wolf Haven International, a sanctuary for captive wolves and wolfdogs. 

Photo of smiling practitioner, Nancy Pain Sherman


Licensed Acupuncturist

Nancy graduated from the UW with a BA in East Asian Studies then enjoyed a 20-year career as a travel
professional. She traveled to destinations in Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Africa and the South Pacific
as a tour host and passenger sales agent for an airline, a cruise line and tour companies. Nancy then
decided to return to and delve deeper into her lifelong interest in Chinese culture by studying the
healing art of acupuncture, earning her Master of Acupuncture from Northwest Institute of Acupuncture
and Oriental Medicine in 2001. Since then she has practiced this ancient traditional medicine in a wide
variety of settings including integrated clinics, public health, community clinics and as a volunteer

Nancy is an experienced practitioner who has successfully treated many patients for conditions such as
headaches, insomnia, musculoskeletal problems, digestive disorders, sinusitis, arthritis, pain syndromes,
fatigue, menstrual disorders, pregnancy care and adjunctive care for cancer patients during traditional
medical treatment. She has a special interest in helping people with mental health issues such as
depression and anxiety and has worked both as staff provider and volunteer in clinics and agencies that
treat people coping with addiction and emotional health problems.

Personally, Nancy has recently moved to the Tacoma area (her childhood home) from Seattle to enjoy a
quieter lifestyle. She is very happy to be here and loves her new home with her semi-retired musician
husband, standard poodle and nearby family. She is thrilled to join Erin and Blue Peacock in extending
the healing services of this wonderful and compassionate acupuncture clinic to more in the community.

A little more about Nancy:

Outside of her acupuncture practice, Nancy’s interests include music, art, travel, day-hiking. She is an
avid believer in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, has practiced for over 20 years,
studies with Richard Schactel in the Iyengar tradition and is a Registered Yoga Trainer. She can often
suggest poses for people to help with alignment, relaxation and self-care for pain issues.